Lyrics of songs on Google search

The online search engine provided by Google is not just a tool to find the information you need on the web. It offers us a currency converter, a weather service, and several other services. Now they also include a song search function.

So far searching for lyrics using Google search was not particularly easy and safe. A large portion of the results led to suspicious sites that were just lurking for victims to infect their hardware with some malicious malware.

Fortunately for music fans, now it will become easier and safer. Google has just signed a multi-year deal with search engine LyricFind, where the search results will now display the lyrics of the song.

This means that in order to get the lyrics of our favorite artist song, we will no longer have to go to any sites, as it will be available in the search engine itself. Musicians and writers will also enjoy this change as they will provide an additional source of income.

Darryl Ballantyne, the co-founder and co-founder of LyricFind, says that they may even be worth millions of dollars, as the pay for song writers depends on the popularity of the lyrics. Increasing access will result in higher licensing fees.…

Our skull is an authorization system

Authorization systems are constantly evolving and biometric technologies are becoming more and more popular today. Researchers from one of the German universities have developed a system that identifies the user’s skull to give him access to a variety of devices and services.

Biometric systems that protect access to a wide range of services are becoming more common, yet they are far from ideal and can be deceived. A team of scientists from the University of Stuttgart, Saarland University and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, however, is working on a completely new biometric technology called SkullConduct, which uses skull properties.

The system uses a speaker that uses the conductivity of the skull bone and the microphone connected to the user’s head. The whole is based on modified glass Google Glass and reproduces a short sound, inaudible to man.

The acoustic signal passing through the skull is recorded by the microphone, and since its shape for each of us is unique, the sound wave passing through its interior receives a unique signature that will become as individual as the fingerprint. It is ideal for authorization systems, and you will not have to remember passwords, do any unique gestures, or scan an iris or fingerprint.

SkullConduct is not the ideal technology for now. The correctness of the identification of a person is 97%. In addition, you should still be dealing with a few restrictions, such as background noise picked up by the microphone, or changes in the thickness of the skin tissue that may change the pattern of the sound.…

First mercury meteorite?

NWA 7325 is the name of a non-typical metor found in Morocco in 2012. Unusual mainly due to its greenish color and chemical composition, which suggests that this cosmic crust may come from the nearest Sun of our Solar System planet.

The cosmic rock consists of 35 debris, which in total weighs 345 grams. They were purchased by a meteorite dealer and then sent to Anthony Irving of Washington University who is an expert on the origins of extraterrestrial rock.

His interest has aroused the chemical composition of the rock. There was surprisingly little iron in the meteorite, while at the same time large amounts of magnesium, silicon and calcium. The composition was very similar to the Mercury rocks, which sent information to Earth about the Messenger probe – the first spacecraft to be sent to Mercury for investigation.

The exact composition of the meteorite does not exactly correspond to the rocks of the first planet from the sun, so Dr. Irving hypothesized that it could have come from deeper layers of the planet and was thrown into space by colliding the planet with another celestial body.

Dr Irving presented his findings at the 44th annual Lunar and Planetary Science conference in Texas. At the same time, pointing out that it is not one hundred percent of a place of rock origin. However, if the research was confirmed, it would be the first Mercuryan rock found on the surface of our planet.…

14 Cannon overtakes NATO constructions for decades

T-14 Armata’s state-of-the-art T-14 tank is back. Mocked by some experts and journalists (especially after breaking down during the parade), it is far more dangerous than previously thought. Leaks from British military intelligence confirm previous rumors. Even the British believe that the T-14 Armata is the most revolutionary tank of recent decades.

The Russian gem among the combat cars is Vladimir Putin’s real pride. Why? First: It’s the first such modern tank in its class, and secondly it will be mass produced at a very low price. According to the British intelligence service, this Russian design is not just a propaganda match for the “PAK-TA” jet, but a real threat to the NATO armor.

Armor to withstand the attack of even the most modern anti-tank missiles

The crew protection is taken care of by a special, reactive armor whose cells are discharged with explosive material. In the event of a missile strike by an appropriately designed armor, the scattered part of the kinetic energy will be dissipated in another direction. These types of armor have been successfully used for many years in Western combat vehicles.

To make up for this, Russian engineers decided to use double armor of this type. This is to provide protection even against the biggest enemies of tanks: guided missiles. According to the T-14 leak, Armata is to deal with Hellfire missiles, M47 Dragon, JAGM, Javelin and other types of anti-tank weapons (including HEAT). Underneath the reactive armor there are of course layers of armor – this time steel, made of steel 44S-SW-Sz. The T-14 crew will be very well protected.

The computer will help you to operate a modern, unmanned turret

What is important, it will be unmanned, remote controlled. It will be operated by a gunner who will be in the lower, heavily armored crew compartment with the entire crew. In classic tanks his place was in a turret. This limited the valuable place that could be used for example to store ammunition. The solution used in the T-14 also has another advantage. The unmanned turret is very easy to integrate with modern electronic aiming systems. T-14 crew will have much easier work, because in this and other activities will help her … computer.

Powerful cannons and a large number of electronic sensors will help to eliminate targets even more accurately

The T-14’s firepower is largely attributed to the powerful 125-millimeter smooth cannon type 2A82-1M. The ammunition supply is to carry up to 45 rounds of ammunition, of which up to 32 can be loaded by the loader. Depending on the ammunition used, the rate of fire is 10 to 12 rounds per minute. According to Russian experts, the 2A82-1M cannon is one of the best in its class – both in terms of accuracy and the energy of missiles fired. This can be attributed to its large range (depending on the type of ammo used), which is up to 8 km.

The second type of equipment will be a set of two machine …

Dron for anglers

PowerVision has introduced a new model of drones that will be of use to anglers. The device called PowerRay is an underwater unmanned tank that can facilitate fishing.

Fishing is supposedly a relaxing sport, but if the float has not stirred for many hours, you can get upset. Soon, such situations will be a thing of the past, as PowerVision has developed a product that will provide invaluable help to anglers.

The company responsible for the unusual PoweEgg dar, with an egg-like appearance, this time showed an unmanned underwater swimmer. This device is called PowerRay and can plunge into a maximum depth of 30 meters. They are equipped with a 4K resolution camera as well as Wi-Fi, which allows you to upload photos or video.

PowerRay also has a sonar that detects fish up to 40 meters below the surface of the water, so angler will be much easier to find his prey. This is not all, as the device can also fish fish. It has a built-in light source that makes it fly into the dock, as well as a remote-controlled bait container.

Another interesting feature is the PowerRay control system, which uses VR technology. The user has a special goggles on his head, he sees the drones from the camera and steers them through the head movements.…

USS Zumwalt too costly to use

The US Army has a problem with the latest destroyer USS Zumwalt. It turns out that the Navy can not afford a missile to a new ship’s armament system. One piece costs 800 thousand dollars.

USS Zumwalt, the most invisible destroyer of the American army, has the same problem. The cost of its construction not only exceeded the assumed plan significantly. The ship is also suffering constant technical problems, and if it is not enough, now it turns out that it may not come into service at all. The American army can not afford to use on board this ship the armament.

The case concerns 155 mm Advanced Gun Systems. This is a very modern weapon that shoots GPS-guided Long Range Land Attack Projectile missiles, which with incredible accuracy can hit targets as far as 100 km. USS Zumwalt can shoot up to 10 such missiles within a minute, so it is an extremely effective destruction tool.

With the weapon, however, is bound to be a big problem. Well, each missile costs 800,000 dollars. The US Navy can not afford such expenditure. All because the military significantly reduced the need for class ships Zumwalt. In 1990, when the design began, the Navy wanted to have 32 such ships. Unfortunately, in 26 years, the vision of the command changed, and it was decided that he needed only three.

Of course, this also reduced the need for ammunition, which caused a dramatic increase in its price. Initially, Lockheed Martin assured that with the amount of missiles needed, the price of one piece would be 50,000. dollars. At that time, however, ammunition was said for 32 ships, but when the number was reduced, the cost of one item went up.

The Navy has already drowned in a $ 23 billion Zumwalt class shipbuilding program and it looks like money will be thrown into the mud. The Department of Defense is now looking for a way out of the problem.

The most cost effective way to replace the costly weapon with the much cheaper Excalibur missiles is with a GPS-guided missile. Unfortunately, their range is about 36 km, so it is a weapon much less effective.…

Acura presents its standalone car

Acura, a brand owned by the Japanese Honda Motor Company, is a member of the car manufacturers group. The company has been doing this for quite some time and has shown a second prototype of this car, based on the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD.

Seeing how many automotive companies are involved in the design of autonomous cars, it can be assumed that soon the choice of such cars will be so great that everyone will find a model that suits his preferences. One of the companies that is also working on this type of technology is Honda’s Acura, which has been doing this for a long time and has just showed off another generation of its prototype.

The vehicle is based on the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD model and has been significantly improved over the previous version. The manufacturer has equipped with improved sensor versions that can create an even more accurate map of the environment, as well as completely new algorithms that better handle the challenges faced by the vehicle.

Auto also received new radar, lidar, high resolution cameras and GPS sensors. All of this equipment was installed on the roof of the vehicle.

This is not the only improvement of the vehicle, because the engineers have also worked on the silicon of his brain, changing the CPU and GPU to much stronger versions, and improving the cooling system, which ensures that electronic circuits do not overheat during hard work.…

Summer genius Microsoft employee

Most 9-year-olds prefer to watch cartoons, read comics and play with toys with their peers. However, Pranav Kalyan prefers to work for Microsoft.

Perhaps last December you saw a video of a 9-year-old kid teaching adults in the Microsoft Store how to handle Windows 8. It turns out that the film was not a fake, as reported by The Times of India, the boy’s name is Pranav Kalyan and is the youngest person to pass the certification of a certified Microsoft technical specialist. Thus, he managed to beat the record of the previous young man who made it, belonging to a 12-year-old from Dubai.

Pranav, who was born in India, now lives in California and started his computer adventure at age 2. His father explained that the toddler was more fascinated by computer hardware than toys. His passion developed at lightning speed and at the age of 6 he wrote short programs, helped by his highly developed mathematical skills.

The child was preparing for the exam for 18 months, during the holiday, spending eight hours a day at the computer. Pranav told journalists that he wanted to become a scientist in the future, but before that he would make money fixing computers.…

DJI Inspire 2 with speed limit

Introduced a few days ago, Inspire 2 drones have become much slower. Chinese manufacturer has reduced its speed from the previous 107 to 98 km / h. The acceleration was also reduced from 0 to 80 km / h.

Ordinary drones, aside from models used for races, are usually not very fast, because the high speed of flight is not needed for them. Unless we’re talking about models created for filmmakers like Inspire 2, which hit the market earlier this month.

This model is primarily intended for film production, as it is equipped with two independent cameras. One of them is used by the pilot to control the machine, while the other is used by the operator to shoot scenes. Such drones must move quickly, as it is required in high-speed scenes, so initially it could accelerate to 107 km / h.

However, the manufacturer decided that it was a bit too fast, so he released new software, which slightly limits the maximum speed, currently 98 km / h. The manufacturer also reduced its acceleration. Previously achieved 80 km / h took him 4 seconds, but now is a second longer.…

Mercedes presents an electric truck

How many electric drives are suitable for passenger cars, so much for trucks they do not perform well due to their limited range. However, Mercedes-Benz bosses believe that such vehicles have a future for transporting goods in cities, and the company has just unveiled its first fully electric truck.

Mercedes-Benz already had one episode with an electric delivery van, because a few years ago it created the Vito E-Cell, but it was quickly withdrawn from the market due to a lack of utility. The range of the car was less than 100 km, while the businessmen using such vehicles were much more distant from day to day, so from their point of view Vito E-Cell did not use anything.

However, Mercedes believes that electric trucks are the future of transport and have just unveiled the first truck powered solely by electricity. The vehicle is called the Urban eTruck, has a gross vehicle weight of 26 tonnes and will travel over 200km on one battery charge, with a recharge of approximately two hours.

The German company says it is the first fully electric truck designed to transport heavy loads, which should significantly reduce transport emissions and emissions to the atmosphere.

The advantages of Urban eTruck are first of all appreciated by the local community, because the Urban eTruck is practically silent and the noise generated by it does not stinge above the background noises and does not emit foul smells.…