DJI Inspire 2 with speed limit

Introduced a few days ago, Inspire 2 drones have become much slower. Chinese manufacturer has reduced its speed from the previous 107 to 98 km / h. The acceleration was also reduced from 0 to 80 km / h.

Ordinary drones, aside from models used for races, are usually not very fast, because the high speed of flight is not needed for them. Unless we’re talking about models created for filmmakers like Inspire 2, which hit the market earlier this month.

This model is primarily intended for film production, as it is equipped with two independent cameras. One of them is used by the pilot to control the machine, while the other is used by the operator to shoot scenes. Such drones must move quickly, as it is required in high-speed scenes, so initially it could accelerate to 107 km / h.

However, the manufacturer decided that it was a bit too fast, so he released new software, which slightly limits the maximum speed, currently 98 km / h. The manufacturer also reduced its acceleration. Previously achieved 80 km / h took him 4 seconds, but now is a second longer.