Dron for anglers

PowerVision has introduced a new model of drones that will be of use to anglers. The device called PowerRay is an underwater unmanned tank that can facilitate fishing.

Fishing is supposedly a relaxing sport, but if the float has not stirred for many hours, you can get upset. Soon, such situations will be a thing of the past, as PowerVision has developed a product that will provide invaluable help to anglers.

The company responsible for the unusual PoweEgg dar, with an egg-like appearance, this time showed an unmanned underwater swimmer. This device is called PowerRay and can plunge into a maximum depth of 30 meters. They are equipped with a 4K resolution camera as well as Wi-Fi, which allows you to upload photos or video.

PowerRay also has a sonar that detects fish up to 40 meters below the surface of the water, so angler will be much easier to find his prey. This is not all, as the device can also fish fish. It has a built-in light source that makes it fly into the dock, as well as a remote-controlled bait container.

Another interesting feature is the PowerRay control system, which uses VR technology. The user has a special goggles on his head, he sees the drones from the camera and steers them through the head movements.