Instagram blocks competitors

Instagram’s leadership introduces new rules for the operation of its services, which aim at completely blocking any links leading to competing sites. Already they have been blocked in posts, and now they will not be placed in their profile.

One of the profile sections on Instagram has until recently been able to include a link to an external source. This is often used by celebrities to let their fans know where they can find other social media. Unfortunately, this option has become very limited.

The Instagram spokesman has confirmed that blocking the ability to add links to other sites in user profiles, however, applies only to one competing social networking site and the addresses of the other pages can still be placed there. The spokesman did not say what pages were blocked, but Internet users have already verified that links to Twitter, LinkedIn, and naturally Facebook, Instagram belong to. You can not enter links to Telegram and Snapchat.

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, is convinced that Zuckeberg’s company has grown up and wants to eliminate it from the market. Not for the first time Facebook services discriminate Telegram. At the end of last year, Whatsapp has removed the ability to enter links to a competing messaging application.