Lyrics of songs on Google search

The online search engine provided by Google is not just a tool to find the information you need on the web. It offers us a currency converter, a weather service, and several other services. Now they also include a song search function.

So far searching for lyrics using Google search was not particularly easy and safe. A large portion of the results led to suspicious sites that were just lurking for victims to infect their hardware with some malicious malware.

Fortunately for music fans, now it will become easier and safer. Google has just signed a multi-year deal with search engine LyricFind, where the search results will now display the lyrics of the song.

This means that in order to get the lyrics of our favorite artist song, we will no longer have to go to any sites, as it will be available in the search engine itself. Musicians and writers will also enjoy this change as they will provide an additional source of income.

Darryl Ballantyne, the co-founder and co-founder of LyricFind, says that they may even be worth millions of dollars, as the pay for song writers depends on the popularity of the lyrics. Increasing access will result in higher licensing fees.