Mercedes presents an electric truck

How many electric drives are suitable for passenger cars, so much for trucks they do not perform well due to their limited range. However, Mercedes-Benz bosses believe that such vehicles have a future for transporting goods in cities, and the company has just unveiled its first fully electric truck.

Mercedes-Benz already had one episode with an electric delivery van, because a few years ago it created the Vito E-Cell, but it was quickly withdrawn from the market due to a lack of utility. The range of the car was less than 100 km, while the businessmen using such vehicles were much more distant from day to day, so from their point of view Vito E-Cell did not use anything.

However, Mercedes believes that electric trucks are the future of transport and have just unveiled the first truck powered solely by electricity. The vehicle is called the Urban eTruck, has a gross vehicle weight of 26 tonnes and will travel over 200km on one battery charge, with a recharge of approximately two hours.

The German company says it is the first fully electric truck designed to transport heavy loads, which should significantly reduce transport emissions and emissions to the atmosphere.

The advantages of Urban eTruck are first of all appreciated by the local community, because the Urban eTruck is practically silent and the noise generated by it does not stinge above the background noises and does not emit foul smells.