Nokia Lumia 920 works despite self-ignition

When we read the self-ignition of another modern smartphone, we usually see a pile of molten plastic, which is no longer suitable for anything. The bigger surprise is the Nokia Lumia 920, which despite the self-ignition still functioning.

A few days ago a Brazilian named Fabrico experienced a rare but rather unpleasant feature of modern smartphones, the self-igniting device. This happens more and more often, and as soon as we look at the pictures we see a destroyed case with nothing to do. Meanwhile, the man was fortunate in misery, because his Nokia Lumia 920 was in flames, it proved to be strong enough to continue working.

However, the Brazilian is very upset at Microsoft, who did not want him to replace the broken phone. Although the warranty has ended two months ago, self-ignition is a random event that is rarely associated with the use of the phone. The manufacturer taking care of his image should replace the device with a new one. And it would be best if the US corporation took an example from Samsung, which after such a case can easily replace the equipment with a new one.