British Type 45 missile destroyers

Type 45 rocket destroyers are the most powerful and state-of-the-art naval vessels in active service. Their main purpose is to provide anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection, but soon they will also receive Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

In total, the British concern BAE Systems built six 45-warships. These are displacement units of 7300 tons and 150 meters long. Their maximum speed oscillates around 30 knots. During the HMS tests Darling reached 29 knots in 70 seconds and 31.5 in 120 (from zero).

The ship’s armament is 48 vertical Aster rocket launchers (15 or 30), including a 4.5-inch Mk 8 cannon, two Oerlikon 30mm anti-aircraft guns, two M134 Minigun machine guns, and six 7.62mm machine guns. The destroyers also have two standalone 20 mm CIWS for direct defense. In 2013, a request was made to install Harpoon’s anti-ship missile shells on board.

Stealth technology has been used to build the ship, thanks to which its radar signature is similar to that of a fishing boat. The main elements of the ship to fulfill the designated mission are the SAMPSON radars (characteristic dome) and the S1850M, which allow to track several hundred targets simultaneously.…

Facebook has a new way to advertise

The largest social networking site has come up with another idea to increase advertising revenue. He announced that he would paste the ads into the middle of the videos posted by users.

Facebok is a company whose revenue comes exclusively from advertising. He is constantly working on new ideas, and their goal is to get people to watch them. The new concept of the American giant is well-known to people using YouTube, and involves pasting ads into the middle of a user-posted video.

Facebook is testing a new feature that roughly pastes the ad in the middle of the video, which is then displayed during playback. For now, it’s available to a limited number of US users, but once the tests run out, it will be available to anyone who owns those accounts.

The management of the portal counts on the fact that a new way of presenting ads will increase the company’s revenue.…

Pornhub will save the vine?

One of the largest pornographic sites in the world is interested in taking over Vine. Twitter has already announced its closure, but that does not mean that the app will disappear from the market.

A few days ago Twitter announced a major restructuring of the company, which should finally ensure its revenue. The Board of Executives announced the release of 350 employees, as well as the removal of unprofitable services. The latter included the Vine application, purchased a few years ago for $ 30 million.

Since Instagram has launched a similar feature, Vine has ceased to be interested, so Twitter decided to disable the app. It does not necessarily mean that the once popular tool will be completely killed. There is a chance that it will be rescued by the Pornhub site.

The best known porn site is interested in buying it. The media reports that Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, has already sent a letter to Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO. This would be ideal for the porn site because it would allow users to provide short, 6-second adult videos that would be sufficient for most people.…

Cheap off-road wheelchair for developing countries

23-year-old British Janna Deeble has developed the world’s first inexpensive wheelchair to overcome the difficult terrain. Specially designed construction is able to easily move in the desert and in the jungle.

Disabled people using wheelchairs in developed countries have no mobility problems: ramps, elevators, sidewalks and walkways – all to make the public space as accessible as possible to everyone. The situation in developing countries is different in African countries. In small villages it is in vain to look for asphalt roads or paved sidewalks, so a normal trolley is not useful there.

This is to remedy the project of a 23-year-old British inventor named SafariSeat. Janna Deeble, who spent his childhood in Kenya, knows perfectly well how hard it is for a disabled person to live there. So he decided to create a wheelchair that would allow it.

Although there are already battery-powered trolleys capable of driving into difficult terrain, however, they are very expensive devices, so the average African resident can not afford to buy them. SafariSeat does not have a battery and modern technology, so it’s much cheaper.

The trolley is made of universal bicycle parts, and the steering provides a special lever. The most innovative solution is the independent suspension of all four wheels, which ensures their continuous contact with the ground, giving maximum stability and the ability to overcome uneven terrain.

The trolley has already passed the first tests, and now the inventor has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the launch of the trolley. In fact, she already assured, because the amount was almost twice the amount needed.…

Nokia Lumia 920 works despite self-ignition

When we read the self-ignition of another modern smartphone, we usually see a pile of molten plastic, which is no longer suitable for anything. The bigger surprise is the Nokia Lumia 920, which despite the self-ignition still functioning.

A few days ago a Brazilian named Fabrico experienced a rare but rather unpleasant feature of modern smartphones, the self-igniting device. This happens more and more often, and as soon as we look at the pictures we see a destroyed case with nothing to do. Meanwhile, the man was fortunate in misery, because his Nokia Lumia 920 was in flames, it proved to be strong enough to continue working.

However, the Brazilian is very upset at Microsoft, who did not want him to replace the broken phone. Although the warranty has ended two months ago, self-ignition is a random event that is rarely associated with the use of the phone. The manufacturer taking care of his image should replace the device with a new one. And it would be best if the US corporation took an example from Samsung, which after such a case can easily replace the equipment with a new one.…

Genetic children’s patented planning

The company has published a statement stating that it plans to use it only to predict which genes will have offspring from specific parents.

The basic service offered by 23andMe is to analyze the DNA code of a person and to inform him of such gene attributes as an increased risk of genetic disease.

The study costs $ 99 and involves analyzing genetic material from a saliva sample. The goal of 23andMe is to “democratize the genome” and raise public awareness of information in DNA. Each of the four hundred thousand customers who have so far benefited from this opportunity, in turn, answers a number of questions that allow for the development of the link between different genes.

The company’s first patent, granted last year, involved a test for the gene associated with Parkinson’s disease. He called out the objection because he was afraid that 23andMe would gain a monopoly on carrying out this test. “There is a tension between their assurance of openness and the corporate need to find new generations of revenue,” said Stuart Hogarth of King’s College in London.

The new patent, published in the United States on September 24, includes a genetic code analysis method that enables two clients to calculate the probability that their child will inherit specific traits.

For now, only six features can be tested: what color will be of comfort, whether it will have soft or hard wax, how bitter it will taste, whether the child’s muscles will be better suited for sprinting or endurance training, will tolerate lactose and Will it blush after drinking alcohol? The company’s management has stated in a special statement that it will not use its patent outside of this application.

“It’s just part of the joy of waiting for a baby,” said 23andMe Donald Cutler. In the patent, however, the method is described as a way of “selecting a gamete donor”, which will make it possible to consciously select donors of semen or ova, which theoretically allows the genetic planning of the offspring.

This record worries those who deal with ethics in science. Michael Sander of Harvard University underlines that how much the probability of a genetic disease is likely to be calculated, the selection of other offspring is dangerously close to eugenics, which simply means genetic design of the offspring.…

Instagram blocks competitors

Instagram’s leadership introduces new rules for the operation of its services, which aim at completely blocking any links leading to competing sites. Already they have been blocked in posts, and now they will not be placed in their profile.

One of the profile sections on Instagram has until recently been able to include a link to an external source. This is often used by celebrities to let their fans know where they can find other social media. Unfortunately, this option has become very limited.

The Instagram spokesman has confirmed that blocking the ability to add links to other sites in user profiles, however, applies only to one competing social networking site and the addresses of the other pages can still be placed there. The spokesman did not say what pages were blocked, but Internet users have already verified that links to Twitter, LinkedIn, and naturally Facebook, Instagram belong to. You can not enter links to Telegram and Snapchat.

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, is convinced that Zuckeberg’s company has grown up and wants to eliminate it from the market. Not for the first time Facebook services discriminate Telegram. At the end of last year, Whatsapp has removed the ability to enter links to a competing messaging application.…