Pornhub will save the vine?

One of the largest pornographic sites in the world is interested in taking over Vine. Twitter has already announced its closure, but that does not mean that the app will disappear from the market.

A few days ago Twitter announced a major restructuring of the company, which should finally ensure its revenue. The Board of Executives announced the release of 350 employees, as well as the removal of unprofitable services. The latter included the Vine application, purchased a few years ago for $ 30 million.

Since Instagram has launched a similar feature, Vine has ceased to be interested, so Twitter decided to disable the app. It does not necessarily mean that the once popular tool will be completely killed. There is a chance that it will be rescued by the Pornhub site.

The best known porn site is interested in buying it. The media reports that Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, has already sent a letter to Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO. This would be ideal for the porn site because it would allow users to provide short, 6-second adult videos that would be sufficient for most people.