Summer genius Microsoft employee

Most 9-year-olds prefer to watch cartoons, read comics and play with toys with their peers. However, Pranav Kalyan prefers to work for Microsoft.

Perhaps last December you saw a video of a 9-year-old kid teaching adults in the Microsoft Store how to handle Windows 8. It turns out that the film was not a fake, as reported by The Times of India, the boy’s name is Pranav Kalyan and is the youngest person to pass the certification of a certified Microsoft technical specialist. Thus, he managed to beat the record of the previous young man who made it, belonging to a 12-year-old from Dubai.

Pranav, who was born in India, now lives in California and started his computer adventure at age 2. His father explained that the toddler was more fascinated by computer hardware than toys. His passion developed at lightning speed and at the age of 6 he wrote short programs, helped by his highly developed mathematical skills.

The child was preparing for the exam for 18 months, during the holiday, spending eight hours a day at the computer. Pranav told journalists that he wanted to become a scientist in the future, but before that he would make money fixing computers.