USS Zumwalt too costly to use

The US Army has a problem with the latest destroyer USS Zumwalt. It turns out that the Navy can not afford a missile to a new ship’s armament system. One piece costs 800 thousand dollars.

USS Zumwalt, the most invisible destroyer of the American army, has the same problem. The cost of its construction not only exceeded the assumed plan significantly. The ship is also suffering constant technical problems, and if it is not enough, now it turns out that it may not come into service at all. The American army can not afford to use on board this ship the armament.

The case concerns 155 mm Advanced Gun Systems. This is a very modern weapon that shoots GPS-guided Long Range Land Attack Projectile missiles, which with incredible accuracy can hit targets as far as 100 km. USS Zumwalt can shoot up to 10 such missiles within a minute, so it is an extremely effective destruction tool.

With the weapon, however, is bound to be a big problem. Well, each missile costs 800,000 dollars. The US Navy can not afford such expenditure. All because the military significantly reduced the need for class ships Zumwalt. In 1990, when the design began, the Navy wanted to have 32 such ships. Unfortunately, in 26 years, the vision of the command changed, and it was decided that he needed only three.

Of course, this also reduced the need for ammunition, which caused a dramatic increase in its price. Initially, Lockheed Martin assured that with the amount of missiles needed, the price of one piece would be 50,000. dollars. At that time, however, ammunition was said for 32 ships, but when the number was reduced, the cost of one item went up.

The Navy has already drowned in a $ 23 billion Zumwalt class shipbuilding program and it looks like money will be thrown into the mud. The Department of Defense is now looking for a way out of the problem.

The most cost effective way to replace the costly weapon with the much cheaper Excalibur missiles is with a GPS-guided missile. Unfortunately, their range is about 36 km, so it is a weapon much less effective.